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Kings Soft Wash is a family-owned Comapny established in 2017. We Pressure Wash many homes and Stain many Decks a year. I'm very thankful for all our repeat customers. Me and my family do 100% of the work and I am fully insured and licensed for all counties in Central Kentucky. I am equipped with professional equipment to get the job done right and efficiently.

I believe in all honesty and hard work. You will get your money worth with kings softwash services. Put your trust in me for all your pressure washing needs.

Professional Soft Washing Company Near Lexington KY:

One potential service in that can be used to help remove the hard-to-remove issues is pressure washing. This is a method often used to remove the most difficult grime and grit from the different types of surfaces and get your property looking pristine.

Before deciding on whether or not you want to use power washing services, home and business owners should recognize the various reasons it can be beneficial, the best ways in which they can be used, and how it works. That’s why we’re here. We answer some of the common questions so those who are considering our pressure washing services.

What Is Pressure Washing and How Does It Work?

This is a method that is often used when individuals have already tried nearly everything to get the best possible clean. People try the simple method such as soap and water. You may have tried using all the elbow grease possible, or even store-bought chemical cleaners, but nothing seems to working. What do you do next?

In these situations, a pressure washer is most often the answer because it does what you can’t do. You utilize the water from a regular tap and a pump pushes the water through the machine at a high velocity and out of the hose. This pressurized water is what removes the trouble from your property.

What Are Pressure Washers Used For?

There are many different parts of a home or business that can benefit from the use of a pressure washer. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Residential Siding and Windows: The outsides of our homes take a beating when it comes to bad weather and we don’t often think of the siding and outside of the windows when cleaning. This allows heavy amounts of dirt and grime to build up, requiring more than just a normal clean. Our power washing professionals can accommodate your needs.
  • Residential Decks and Fences: You may not recognize the need for residential pressure washing on your deck or fence until you actually do it. Some homeowners just expect these parts of their home to get dirty and they fail to give it a second thought. When they do finally give it the deep cleaning, the difference is dramatic.
  • Residential Driveways and Sidewalks: These are common areas for chewing gum, mud, dirt, and more to build up and create a problem. This makes cleaning it harder for just the average situation and pressurized options may be necessary.
  • Residential Roofs: Have you ever looked at your roof just to see how much dirt has built up? Then, when it rains, the dirt turns to mud. It dries up, becomes more difficult to clean, and just sits there. Residential pressure washing can help take care of this.
  • Commercial Building Exteriors: Unfortunately, not everyone wants to take care of commercial buildings the way that business owners do. Some individuals even vandalize these surfaces with graffiti. The pressurized water can help remove loose paint from surfaces.
  • Commercial Concrete and Asphalt: Similar to the exterior of businesses, concrete and asphalt on commercial properties are common targets for those who do graffiti or throw their gum on the floor. It can be difficult to remove this with just a standard wash.
  • Commercial Fleet and Heavy Machinery: These items are used time after time and go without real cleanings for months or even years. They often only get a wipe down, meaning not everything is getting the love it deserves and it could lead to real problems.

  • Deck and Fence Staining Company in Lexington KY

    At your home, your deck and fence can be appealing to guests. They can increase the value of your home if you’re interested in selling. However, if the deck and fences are dirty, it could be more of an eye-sore than anything else. To help fix this problem, using a pressure washer may be the best option and you can get everything looking perfect in no time. Our team can help you get your deck and fences looking perfect.

    Frequently asked questions:

    • 01 Are you insured?

      Yes, I have full coverage insurance on my vehicles and I hold a $1,000,000 general liability policy.

    • I am usually booked one to two weeks out. It usually takes me two to three business days to give you an estimate Although if you are in a hurry, I can usually make it out the same day.

    • Prices vary depending on how big your home is. Prices start at $175.



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